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Woodworkers Source - Family Game Night


I recently entered a piece into a friendly competition with some carpenter friends of mine,  and I went better than I thought. 

For this piece my inspiration came from a variety of feels:

Traditional Americana tattoos

Mixed media interactive Installation art

War Propaganda 

Psychology of the human mind

At this time, I had 30 mins to come up with an idea, and two weeks to build it working a full schedule and being and active member of society. I wanted the Dimensional Dartboard to look super cool, be put together really well, and also  be a functional game of darts. Whether playing as a drinking game or an Big Brain energy way to track focus. The Dimensional Dart Board is a challenge to focus at something looking right back at you!


The rules:

  1. It has to be yours
  2. Your project must be primarily made of wood; you may include other materials, but as a subtle reminder, we’re called Woodworkers Source so – surprise! – we’re looking for woodworking projects or some wood-based contraption that’ll pass as a woodworking project. So don’t push it.
  3. Deliver your project to any one of our Arizona locations on or before February 24, 2024
  4. You grant us permission to use the pictures of your project in social media posts



This is what I made: 




Woodworkers Source

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